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1, Christian communism Union is a communist, and an ideology, theory, a theory, not a organization.

2, we are Christians, but it is also communists, that is, Christian Communism.

Luke 18:22 Jesus hear, say, you have a lack of, all you have to sell all, to give to the poor is essential in a treasure in the sky. To me you are going to follow.

3, Program: 2019 by the Christian Love others as yourself in the world of building a communist society.

4, need not be extremely abundant, and other substances, according to the basic needs of the distribution can be.

To do everything they can, DAMA (community can provide the reasonable needs).

5, two years ago, those ordinary Christians inadvertently achieved a "communist" the highest ideal. They do not need the productivity of a highly developed, need not perfect and great personality.

6, vigorously develop advanced science and technology to improve productivity. With the increase in the wealth created, to meet each person's material gradually improve.

7, no war, the fighting did not even argue that people no longer hurt others, everyone has regarded people as brothers and sisters, all completely

Equal love. Mankind's moral standards overall improvement.

The key is a happy soul, the soul meet. Without setting himself against any person (width requirements), AGAPE (strict requirements).

8, in the "New Testament", several different Greek words are translated as "love" (love), one of the "Agape" means

A willing to others as the center, does not require record merit and return the love. God is using this love to love all mankind, Christians also were advised

Mian use this love to God and love each other.

9, but now, we love is the greatest shortages of fact, and you are most similar NEE is other people, God wife (at least not with setting himself against any person).

10, the law: you are willing to how others question you, on how you treat others.

The Christian religion is love, God is love, the Lord Jesus as God and the Torah summarized Love others as yourself, Sao Paulo said that the greatest is love. Christians called each other brothers and sisters, Christianity is the main love in the family.

11, we have made tremendous achievements material, but spiritual life increasingly. We have electricity, with the Internet, but can no longer produce Jesus,Mohanmu may, Sakyamuni, kong Zi, Lao Zi.

12, the commercialization of civilization, as a big market, making money has become our only purpose, for people , drift with the tide.

Economic activity (a creator of wealth) and political machines (redistribution of wealth) has become all, a cultural desert, the commercialization of culture, and no longer ask what you need, ask what you can buy. Social relations became money, money kinship has been distorted.

13, we repeat the same work (the product of large-scale social division), the invention of tools in human life on the killing.
We are too practical, too secular and will not have the habit of independent thinking and sincere friends, and even happy instinct.

14, since Adam away from the love of God and eat the forbidden fruit, the fruit of wisdom, we hold high the banner of science and enthusiasm for the pursuit of knowledge and inventions do not know enough fun and shouted "knowledge is power," Bacon said: "person soul, the soul is knowledge, a person know what he is what. "

15, any scientific system are somehow not by the logic means that the premise of Justice, this axiom is the unconditional order you accept the principle, science has become a belief.

Science is cool boring, the lack of love, the world suffer for it is a non things.

16, the one-sided pursuit of material prosperity scientific undertakings neglect of the people's inner life, and can not be truly happy people, unable to provide true meaning of life, not act to give the goal.

For example, the marriage will not be able to rely on scientific matching, and requires men and women in love.

17, the scientific value of only a tool, such as the science as an end in itself, to go on forever in pursuit of control, loss of spirituality, the loss of life could only have been the result of the significance of people become slaves.

This era to an end, we found a scientific claim is a kind of.

18, we can not use material for the purposes of internal soul from the experience of life in the search for meaning to the words under God (spiritual civilization) for the purpose of reconstruction and the traffic gods, regain the love of God, love of neighbor, the eternal soul be happy, and built loving God States.

19, in fact, our science is only "to describe" the world, can not really get hold of the world, now, we are scientifically superior to the ancients, but we describe a better, and the ancients explained the less the same.

But today, the strong thirst for knowledge, I do not know enough fun of the invention, the rapid secularization trend has reached a peak, to a homeless helplessness, a kind of a frivolous worship now ......

Science is only a means, not the world of nature.

20, our three life: ①, material and physical health, clothing, food, housing; ②, consciousness, mentality, social activities; ③, soul, spiritual, religious.

21, Acts Chuan 2:44: Where were common, as required for the breakdown of everyone to everyone.
This is a small communist society. Communism first proposed by the Christian theologians. Communism as a doctrine, the first by Christian theologians created, "each according to his work, DAMA (on-demand-related pay)," these concepts is also the first of these theologians make.

22, (DAMA) Acts Biography: 2:44 letter in a person, all of the common.
4:34,35 among them not a lack, because the fields where housing production is being sold, the money used to be, on foot messengers, shining on the needs of each distribution.

23, (to do everything they can) 2 Thessalonians
3:8 could say nothing of rice. But hard toil day and night, so you tell one person involved.
3:10 our time where you have told you that, if anyone refuses to, not to eat.

24, Revelation 21, 22: I will be updated everything. The winner will sustain such as industry. He must be a servant of his ministry. (To do everything they can).
Can be willing to simply take the lives of water to drink. (DAMA).

25, Columbia should have after 8:14 Nai-ping. Is your surplus, can now fill their inadequate, so that their surplus, the future you can also fill the deficiencies, which were tied.

26, communism, among many humanistic ideals is from the Christian, the Christian era country (Xintian SHKP) is necessarily communist society, class society is inconceivable.

27, Christian Communism is a religious communism is a theoretical, political ideology, it is based on such a concept: Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, Christians must be in favor of communism is an ideal social system. This time of the creation of the controversial, but many Christian communists claimed that the evidence showed that in the Bible, including the 12 disciples of the first Christians, in the death and resurrection of Jesus a few years after the establishment of a small communist society. Similarly, the Christian Communism many advocates believe that communism taught by Jesus, the 12 disciples practice.

28, in the early and communism may be in day-to-day Christianity plays an important role, and certainly Christianity in the development of the theory of communism, played a key role.

Christian Communism is to unite the communists and other socialists of social justice, and fairness to the attention devoted Christian Movement.

29, will push China communism, the Christian thinking played a big role .... Christianity and communism are Jewish offshoot of Judaism.

30, the historical society so far are all grade social history. The future communist society is equal society.

31, and people are no longer setting himself against, everybody is AGAPE (willing to love others as the center), and as one of happiness. Everyone is no longer required

To guard against any person because of their own people only know love, his only love others, all love, which is the fast paradise


32, and everyone voluntarily to the production of wealth.

33, the average distribution of wealth for all, everyone's basic material needs are met. There is no hunger, shelter, poor scholars all over smile?.

34, national, military, law enforcement and all other machines demise of the dictatorship, because they no longer need.

35, our bodies become perfect, without any defects and disabilities. Inevitably it is no longer a death.

36, immortalized for us that in a country where the eternal, and God be with us throughout the quest as a god, there will never be exhausted.

Thus the development of human belief, ideology, science, technology, culture, arts. . . People's minds, and souls completely satisfied, was happy with.

37, Song billion for the former social hierarchy (violent society), the song billion after communist society (social harmony).

38, primitive, slavery, feudalism, capital, community, both social hierarchy, but different grade class in the class hierarchy of the other EC

Governance status, and priority to the distribution of social wealth.

39, the economy: production of wealth;

Politics: distribution of wealth.

40, which economic system capable of producing more wealth, social systems.

41, the so-called political, not the least bit mysterious, is not noble, but the means of distribution of wealth and.

You engaged in political Leader:) politics, but to participate in the distribution of wealth, or even just distribution of wealth is how to say a few words advice.

42, grade, bureaucracy, political parties, legislative, judicial, administrative, political artificially complicated, and not seem so high, not so deep

Measured in fact political Only four words: distribution of wealth.

43, communist society only three kinds of people: (1) wealth producers, have the ability to work all people do their best. (2) distribution of wealth, Choi

Fu distribution of labor is itself. (3) access to wealth, that is all, on-demand (reasonable needs) allocation, that is, to provide the financial community

Fu average distribution.

44, there are no political counter-revolutionary? There are no reactionary? There are no politically sensitive? Since only the distribution of wealth and political means, you said you have?

:) Nothing but your little more, I bit less; Or I am a little bit more, you little less.

45, only everyone is equal before harmony, no hierarchy of social harmony.

46, the previous intifada "equalize the poor and the wealthy" slogan, is the hope of communist society.

47, raising the consciousness of the poor so that they realize that suffered oppression, exploitation and suffering is not in line with the requirements of the Gospel, and contrary to the will of God, so that they will act in their own rational action.

48, we have not only critical social existence of poverty, exploitation, oppression and alienation, and the criticism is being directed at the causes of this phenomenon foundation of the system - the capitalist means of production tenure. Completely denying the capitalist system, with no oppression and no class antagonism fair, humane society instead. The historical advance, instead of improving and maintaining the status quo or to drag the historical retrogression.

49, a Christian tradition of poverty and injustice in the condemnation of God and country based on the expectations, concerns exist in a capitalist society condemned the increasingly serious social problems, and the Christian spirit as a solution to its social problems.

50, use and play on the traditional Christian opposition exploitation, oppose injustice, advocates save society the people's ideology, common to all the means of production, labor sharing, equality, mutual caring, such as communism advocated. In addition to insist on the traditional Christian doomsday trial, the afterlife paradise, but also based on the earth to achieve the ideal of a better society, and through the Church's guide to the broad masses of Christians on what it sees as the ideal society is a reasonable action.

51, heinous human nature is the source of the corruption, if we truly eradicate slavery, only through "the spirit of the conversion," the soul changes, which "eliminate the evil to achieve their own." "What happens if you unjust, you first needs to be done is to expel any hatred in their hearts the feeling." Pray God, let God to end the unjust things.

52, capitalism as "modern slavery", nots in terms of the capitalists only "working tool." The personal freedom of the capitalist legal provisions to be false, "modern slavery and the chain is the means hunger" and people should wake up and throw himself on the slave shackles. But this can not be revolutionary violent means to accomplish. Salvation lies in the "Christian love" and to strengthen "the people's moral link" is "peaceful use their own right to the maximum."

53, a total of sharing the wealth necessity and possibility. Natural law, and Christian love is the basis of all laws. According to natural law, rights and obligations are equal. Workers suffering is not the fundamental reason for machinery, in a society of total machines to the benefit of mankind. The unequal distribution of labor, product distribution, such as not between caused poverty, which is the root cause of the suffering of workers, and maintenance of such abhorrent means of a state of confusion is money. All of them receive the same living conditions so that we can be carefree, love happiness. Therefore, we must exercise total wealth sharing, the abolition of the system of money, equal access to all the wealth, equal distribution of labor, and equal distribution of products, equal enjoyment. Equal access to education, gender equality, and each person only has the right to enjoy and they need so many things and not over, no country has the right to pursue more consumption and less labor, a person can not be because they have more knowledge and more access to the enjoyment and engage in fewer work, otherwise it will be aristocratic . "Earthliness to the perfect human is a mature crops, the earth's total wealth is the first such crops of fruit." Under the law of love commandment to harvest the mature fruit of the human - a total wealth sharing.

54, Jesus taught repeal property. Jesus taught the abolition of money. Jesus taught abolished punishment. Jesus doctrine is the principle of shared labor and shared enjoyment. Jesus is the principle of freedom and the principle of equality. Jesus taught that the theory of shared sacrifices must be made.

55, Sterling Christian principle is the abolition of property, the abolition of inheritance, the abolition of money, a total of wealth sharing, everyone freedom, equality and love, and so on. To achieve these principles, "is a communist society, we hope to the United States and the premise of the state", "is the communist society." Communist up as early Christianity, categorized as "pure Christianity."

56, a communist society is the elimination of the class society, a great development of the social productive forces, a material and spiritual wealth greatly enriched the community, all the property of all mankind naturalization, product each takes what it needs, all people enjoy equal social and economic rights, people will no longer labor as a means of making a living, and "Labor will become the first people to consciously need."

57, social class division and social direction of development of human society will inevitably move toward communist society.

58, communist society still need to retain small dictatorship authorities, the police, prisons, because somebody is to kill? We should rape? Reasonable demand is to allocate more than eat with robbery and theft? Not a communist society?

Along with the rise in productivity and human and moral standards further improved, small dictatorship organs will become increasingly smaller, resulting in no.

59, Lotus said communist society as much as possible, to say that communism, nor is he Marxism, but the song billion people.

60, the complete liberation of people - people with God, people-to-people unity is God's arrangement, the grace of Christ is the point.

61, "Internationale" in the singing, "Turner British male must achieve on the Nile", the British Turner male Nile non-communist, but internationalism (INTERNATIONAL - French), "there must be realized internationalism" But it is the demands of globalization.

62, the future of humanity depends on God and the people's understanding of God and the pursuit of the Road, once the God of all mankind, reached a consensus can follow God, and to a fair and impartial, then a better future will emerge, no means the. It is precisely because of this, so to publicize and promote the Christian God, as its sacred mission.

63, because the fine moral character, thinking, behavior shaping and consolidating development depends on people's beliefs and respected God. God is faith and respected the fine moral character, thinking and action to firmly establish a reliable guarantee. Left for God's beliefs and respected, all this become a river without water, a forest without trees, it is difficult to maintain the long-term. Despite all want to be a good person, rather than become a bad guy, but if not the eyes of God, no monitoring and regulating human behavior of the gods, then once the practical problems encountered, especially when practical problems with their desire to be a good person of good consensus can not be reached, then they will do even without LAB the latter will abandon bogey to swap.

64, according to Encyclopedia Britannica's definition of communism is a will of the people throughout the country the average income and property distribution ideal political system.

65, a total of UNITA unorganized without discipline, designed to be a witness of truth, where recognition of this Declaration by key flowers.


The letter-of Christian communism Union

1, the Christian communism Union is a communist, and an ideology, theory, a theory, not a organization.

2, we are Christians, the belief in Jesus Christ the son of God and savior, and we die in the crucifixion.

3, we are communists, communist society that is the Christian era country (Xintian SHKP). That is Christian Communism.

4, we have inherited messenger small communist era social roots.

5, as the song-billion people and a total of UNITA by the spread of the Declaration, we believe that 2019 can be realized communist society, and to do everything they can, DAMA (community can provide the reasonable needs).

6, vigorously develop advanced science and technology to improve productivity. With the increase in the wealth created, to meet each person's material gradually improve.

7, no war, the fighting did not even argue that people no longer hurt others, everyone has regarded people as brothers and sisters, all completely

Equal love. Mankind's moral standards overall improvement.

8, we love others as yourself, at least do not set itself against any people.

9, we believe the Bible 66 volumes of the God implied. Song billion people by the end of Discourse God, such as "I am a God, you are going to listen to him."

Song for song billion spent training people as. A total of UNITA Declaration of truth for the end of the world.

10, a total of UNITA unorganized without discipline, designed to be a witness of truth, where the recognition of this letter by key-spent.

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